Graduation is Approaching, Life Changes, and General Updates

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a Community Director position at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. I am elated to finally shed the “emerging” from the phrase “emerging student affairs professional” and become a full time student affairs professional.

I cannot believe how quickly my time as a Scarlet Knight has gone by. It feels just like yesterday that I walked out of Camden County Technical School- correction, I actually ran for my life. In the two years since, I have grown as an educator, professional, and more importantly a person. I met some truly amazing people dedicated to the education of our students. I have made great connections and friendships throughout my time in New Brunswick. As I walk on graduation day I will undoubtedly be sad that my time at Rutgers is over but excited to finally start a career.

I know I have not posted in some time but I put my blogging aspirations on hold so I could focus on getting a job and completing my master’s program. In the coming months I will resume blogging on a regular basis. I will chronicle my new adventure as a Student Affairs Professional. I will also weave more of my love for pop culture into the blog. I am excited to start a new adventure!


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