2014 Reflections and Moving Forward

2014 is quickly winding down. Well guess what everyone?

I made it through my first full semester as a Res Life professional staff member. I moved to Baltimore, Maryland. I lost friends. I made new ones. I graduated with my Master’s Degree from Rutgers. I said goodbye to loved ones who passed away. I watched my father get heart surgery. I reconnected with friends. I rediscovered some hobbies. I read books and drank in the wisdom within those pages (Thank you to Tina Fey, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Poehler, Vince Flynn, Rick Riordan, and JK Rowling in particular). I challenged myself. I failed. I succeeded. I learned more this year than probably ever before.

I am looking at 2014 in the rear-view mirror. I am leaving all the pain, frustration, and hurt in the past. To loosely quote Amy Poehler: I am breathing in the pain, the hurt, and the negativity; and breathing out forgiveness and love. If you haven’t read Yes, Please, you are missing out.

2015 looks to be an exciting year. Let’s do it.


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