Kyle, Getting Over Himself: The Kyle Bianchini Experience

I recently went to a wedding in North Carolina and on the way back I had lots of time on the road (4.5 hours to be exact) to think and process some recent events. One thing that kept coming up as I barreled drove down I-95 was that despite my extreme extroversion I have a tendency to withdraw and become more introverted when I a pre-judge a situation. (Seriously though: for my MBTI assessment I was ALL extrovert.)

Flashback to March. I was sitting on a plane about to go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. I was incredibly apprehensive about going, here’s why: 1.) I was travelling alone and I hate that. 2.) I only knew the groom. 3.) Las Vegas is overwhelming sometimes. 4.) I saw all 3 Hangover films (unfortunately). 5.) I hate flying. I will repeat, I HATE FLYING.

Flashforward to a few weekends ago, at this wedding. Similar apprehensive thoughts as I drove down I-95: 1.) I was traveling a decent amount alone. 2.) I didn’t have a date for the wedding and I was kind of self-conscious about that. 3.) I only knew one other person at the wedding and wasn’t sure what to do.

In both situations the same thing happened: I prejudged the situation due to some of the circumstances (mostly self induced) but ended up having a blast. Like a legitimate good time. Both times. Without fail. Like if I missed both events I would have been seriously missing out.

So Kyle, with all due respect, get over yourself. Allow yourself to have some goddamn fun. More importantly, don’t miss out. This might just be the most important thing I’ve learned in a while.



3 thoughts on “Kyle, Getting Over Himself: The Kyle Bianchini Experience

  1. This is seriously one of the most important blogs that you have written son! You hit the nail
    on the head. LIVE your life. Don’t be afraid! Love you!


  2. Preach. I do that stuff too, but I’m glad you’re not letting it get in your way of having fun and making memories. Thinking you’re going into an uncomfortable situation (for various reasons) can be tough. Sometimes it’s important to say “yes” to certain plans when you’d really rather be in home bed watching Netflix and eating ice cream. Although it’s important to let yourself have some of those moments too lol


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