Getting What You Want VS. Getting What You Need: The Kyle Bianchini Experience

I recently was sitting with a friend and learned some… I would call the news uncomfortable, but not bad or good. Those close to me might know what I am referring to and I won’t go into detail because my blog is public and I don’t want any trouble. Been there, done that.

wwe eye roll the rock not amused

As I processed some new information, I finally had it. I finally had the kind of revelation that I needed. I had said upon hearing aforementioned news that I know whatever is happening is what this person wants but for their sake I hope its what they need because those two things are different. That’s when It happened.scott pilgrim understand epiphany gets it figure out

Want Vs. Need. That is the key. We walk around with this list of things that we think we want. We try so hard to work for those things. We try to mold the situations, people, places, and things around us to fit into this idea of what we want; of what we think is the best for us. In a sense we are sort of idealists. What we need, what is best for us  is probably completely different. In that eureka moment, I realized that this past year I was focusing on the things that I want to happen. The relationships I want, the things I want; rather than just sitting back and realizing that if I take my time I can find what I need. Even comparing my progress with others and wondering why things aren’t happening for me the way they are happening for others.

As I head into 2016, I will be taking this lesson with me. That as I navigate my work life, my family life, and my love life, the things that I need are whats best for me. The things we want are nice and maybe sometimes they are what we need. However, we will either learn the hard way if we get what we want or we will get what we need and realize that was the better fit all along. Additionally, comparing myself to the progress of another in a similar situation is pointless. I can only control Kyle and I can’t control what others are saying and doing. I cannot compare myself to anyone but me. I’m on my own journey. Rocky Balboa said it best in the film Creed:

“You see this guy here? That’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to have to face. I believe that’s true in the ring, and I think that’s true in life. Now show me something.” – Rocky Balboa, Creed

animated happy leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan cheers

So for 2016, may you all get a little of what you want and hopefully exactly what you need to be happy. Cheers and Happy New Year!



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