The Things I’ve Learned in 2016, So Far: The Kyle Bianchini Experience

2016 is half over and I am stunned that the year is going by so quickly.

Reaction GIF: cringe, oops, Britney Spears

This year so far has been somewhat transformative for me and I’d like to share some of the things that I have learned.

1.) While there are some things I can and should do on my own, I can’t do everything on my own and need to be more comfortable asking for help.  A good example of this is my journey to get back in to shape and be healthier. I have a good knowledge base on this seeing as I did it before and was on the top of my game as a diver. However, things changed for me and I need to be open to trusting people who are close to me in their areas of expertise (thanks Vin!) I also recognized that I was poorly processing all the recent life changes of the last few years and needed to change up how I was taking care of myself. The things I have been doing have been helpful and once I let go of my pride, the strides I’ve been making in my personal life have been huge. Also: Relationships can have a lasting impact on you. Process them correctly.

2.) I still hate flying. Not going to change.

3.) I can brave a tattoo needle. Here is proof.

4.) I still hate heights but am willing to test that boundary. I went to the top of the Space Needle. It was mildly terrifying. But I did it.

5.) I am good at what I do for a living and need to be more confident about that. I recently attended the RELI conference and really enjoyed the experience. It was educational and a fantastic re-energizer. I realized that the tools I have are good and I kick ass at my job. I’m not perfect but I am a ton more confident in my ability. I needed this experience after a frustrating year. Thank you to the mentors for being awesome and to MACUHO for continuing to be my professional home.

6.) Cruises aren’t that bad. Just take lots of Dramamine.

7.) Go with love it: will overcome the hate.

8.) The world is large and I am small. My trip to Alaska taught me this. We traveled so far and BARELY scratched the surface of our nation’s biggest state. We only did the lower panhandle on our cruise. There is so much more that you can explore! The mountains up there make the Appalachian’s look like foothills. It is always good to have a little bit of perspective: that there are bigger things than you out there.

9.) Splurge for travel and experiences, stop buying things.

10.) A good Spotify Playlist goes a long way. AKA I figured out how to share a Spotify Playlist and was looking for a reason to share one. Here’s my summer mix:



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