2017 Goals: Accountability

We are one week into the New Year already! Seeing as time flies I decided to get a jump on setting my goals this year and I spent the first week of the New Year doing so. I don’t want to set New Year’s Resolutions because in my experience they last all of about 10 seconds before I am done caring. So with the goals I set this year I was more strategic in setting up a plan for them all and making them SMARTER Goals . They span most aspects of my life.

Image result for SMARTER goals
For those who didn’t know what the SMARTER acronym means.


I am in a place right now where I am primed to succeed if I capitalize on a few things. I feel like the progress I have made within the last year has contributed to a build up of momentum that I need to continue. For the first time in a while I have recognized that I am in a similar place to past successes and I have made progress in returning to the person I am most proud of. I am writing about all of these things here so that I can have the village hold me accountable. Feel free to ask throughout the year, how I am doing. I will post updates as usual.

Without further ado:

  1. I have extensive health goals which include:
    • Stay committed to my mental health
    • Take care of a sleep study
    • Go to doctors and specialists on a more regular basis
    • The most important one: prepare for a lifestyle change in regards to being active and eating healthy and hopefully hit 40 Pounds down.
  2. Read 25 Books this year
    • They all have to be new books. So as much as I want to reread the Harry Potter series for the millionth time I shouldn’t (but I will anyway lets be real).
    • They can include scripts for plays and films as well as graphic novels.
  3. Financial goals are more intentional this year
    • I’d like to chip away at my credit card debt
    • Save as much money as I can
    • Make better spending decisions
    • Get another side hustle
  4. Professional Goals include
    • Regional level presentation proposal at a conference
    • National level presentation proposal at a conference
    • Join a conference steering team
    • Get more involved with committees in organizations I already belong to
    • Teach a course at UMBC or a college near me
    • Explore options to continue my education
  5. I want to blog more often.
    • I  recognize the “who cares” aspect of me writing solely about myself and my experiences but I do not do it for anyone else other than myself. It is a good outlet.
    • It is also tied to my desires to be a writer. Without blogging, I feel like my writing wouldn’t be anywhere near where it could be and if I want to write actual published works one day: practice makes perfect.
  6. Cook More and Eat Out Less
    • I love to cook. Its Yoga with food at the end. I want to invest more in cooking for myself rather than eating out so much. This could be tied into my health goals too but it feels like something all its own.
  7. Be more strategic in keeping touch with friends and family
    • I don’t live close anymore and I recognize that I need to do better keeping up with those that I care about
  8. Continue to Photograph
    • I really enjoy this hobby and I want to hone my craft and my identity as a photographer. I had some good opportunities in 2016 but in 2017  I want to enter a contest or two to see how I do.

So there you have it. Hold me accountable world. I am already on myself to be more strategic and intentional this year. Lets crush 2017 everyone!



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